Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do What Makes You Happy

Ever wonder why certain things or people are in your life.  Why certain things happen or why things turn out the way they do. I am always questioning these types of things. Especially when things don't go my way at all or when someone who hurts me comes into my life. I have been very stressed out this semester between balancing school, sorority stuff, and school. Things have not been the easiest for me this year. Adjusting to a new schedule and new roommates. With all this happening it has made me realize what is truly important in my life.

I have realized that I am truly blessed with some pretty great people in my life. I have had to deal with a lot this year and no matter what my friends have always been there for me no matter what it was.  I think that is why God puts people in our lives. So that when you are having a hard time you have your friends that you can always fall back on. If I did not have my friends especially two of my sisters I would not have made it through a lot of the hard times that I have been having. 

I have also realized that people come into our lives to teach us something. Some people hurt us. Some people judge us. Others accept us for who we are. For those who hurt us we learn from our mistakes we learn what we don't want in our lives. We find out who are true friends are.  People are going to come into your life and they are going to hurt you but what I have realized is that they were put into you life for a purpose to teach you something. Whether that be about yourself or just something that you don't want in your life. 

Things are also going to happen in your life that you don't want to happen. Things aren't always going to go your way but these situations they are there for a reason they help you to become a stronger person. If you let these things get you down then you are never going to be happy. Things aren't always going to go your way. The things that you want most you are going to go after and get. Things aren't just going to fall into your lap. You have to work at things sometime. Most of all you have to do what makes you happy if not then you are never going to be happy.



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